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SAP ERP supports the management of Piekarnia Nowakowski

Hicron has completed the implementation of SAP Business All-in-One in Piekarnia Nowakowski Elżbieta Zajezierska and Nowakowski Sklepy Sp. z o.o. These are the next companies from the baking industry which have entrusted Hicron with the implementation of the SAP system.

The implementation was carried out in two companies, namely in Piekarnia Nowakowski, which handles the manufacturing part of the business, and in Nowakowski Sklepy Sp. z o.o., responsible for the sales and management of the chain of bakeries called “Gorąco Polecam Nowakowski”. The scope of the system implementation encompasses key areas of the business: finance, sales and distribution, material management and warehousing, production planning and HR. The project was launched in November 2011 with the development of an implementation concept. Currently, Hicron consultants provide ongoing application support to the users of the Piekarnia system and SAP maintenance services.

Piekarnia Nowakowski, showing an above-average growth over the past years, became a Business Gazelle in 2012. The decision to invest in the ERP system was strictly related to the company’s dynamic development plans. The management was seeking a solution that would both handle processes characteristic of the baking industry and guarantee the possibility of adapting the system to the company’s new potential requirements. The SAP Business All-in-One system, implemented together with industry extensions by Hicron consultants, meets the needs of the company.

“We have ambitious plans to increase the number of units. We are aware that the lack of unified processes within the companies and the absence of transparent information flow between points of sale and the headquarters not only hinder the realization of our plans, but can certainly delay the achievement of benefits from our expansion. Hence, we were looking for a solution that would allow us to manage the sales chain irrespective of its size and provide us with solid foundations for the implementation of our long-term growth plans,” says Jacek Nowakowski, Management Board President at Piekarnia Nowakowski.

“Once we decided to implement SAP ERP, we began to look for an adequate system provider. We chose to cooperate with Hicron because we wanted to take advantage of Western management standards derived, on the one hand, from the best practices contained in the SAP system, and on the other hand, from the extensive international experience of Hicron, which made the company stand out above other SAP partners. Of importance were also other advantages of the company, particularly the Hicron POS, a sales support application. This solution fitted into our modernization vision,” he adds.

In order to enable the company to quickly benefit from the SAP system, the project was implemented in phases. The first phase involved the implementation of the basic system functionalities in the key business areas: financial accounting and controlling, sales and distribution, purchases and material management, and production management from a controlling point of view. In this phase, Hicron consultants also integrated the system with the Homebanking application for executing transactions in four banks. Additionally, the SAP EDI – Electronic Data Interchange solution will be implemented, allowing Piekarnia to exchange orders and invoices with its largest clients, namely Auchan and Tesco chains. The employees of Piekarnia have been using the SAP system in these areas since February 2012.

“In the first phase we implemented the SAP Business All-in-One functionalities in their basic scope. This does not mean, however, that we will stop here. We want to further draw on the skills Hicron is famous for, that is, their competence in designing tailored solutions and adapting solutions to the needs of their customers. In the next phases of the project we plan to gradually implement more advanced solutions: Hicron POS – a retail sales management application, SAP WMS – a warehouse management system and SAP HR,” say Elżbieta Zajezierska and Jacek Nowakowski.

Solutions that will be implemented by Hicron in the next phases of the project include analytical and reporting tools available within SAP BusinessObjects. Apart from a carrying out a standard implementation, designing reports and conducting user training, Hicron consultants will prepare and install BusinessObjects cockpits on mobile devices, allowing the key persons in the company to monitor and analyze the companies’ performance on an ongoing basis.

“ A growing number of companies in the market have decided to implement the ERP system in phases, during which subsequent system functionalities are activated one by one,” says Robert Stiller, Business Solutions Architect and Sales Director at Hicron. “We recommend this approach for two reasons. Firstly, it ensures a fast return on investment in the system and allows the customer to experience the benefits of the SAP system within just a few months after launching the project. Secondly, it allows the employees to become acquainted with the new IT environment, facilitating a smooth transition to the target system.”

Piekarnia Nowakowski and Nowakowski Sklepy Sp. z o.o. make use of SAP outsourcing services, entrusting Hicron and Beyond.pl with the SAP infrastructure. The consultants from Beyond.pl handle the maintenance of SAP ERP using their own hardware platform in one of the most modern Data Centers in Europe, while the experts from Hicron look after the proper functioning of the system and application upgrades. They also provide the employees with ongoing support through operating system servicing and maintenance and SAP Basis administration services.

Piekarnia Nowakowski Elżbieta Zajezierska and Nowakowski Sklepy Sp. z o.o. are enterprises that draw on the baking tradition of three generations of the Nowakowski family. The companies can be proud of the modern production hall where pre-baked frozen bread is made using state-of-the-art technologies. For more information go towww.piekarnianowakowski.pl,         www.nowakowskisklepy.pl


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