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Hicron’s major strengths include knowledge of particular industries and deep insight into the reality of the business environment. Due to the experience of Hicron consultants, combined with a high level of expertise in the SAP system, the company can offer clients high quality IT solutions that support their business operations.

In addition to standard SAP ERP implementations, Hicron consultants also design and implement dedicated solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of clients. With a strong team of highly capable technical and business consultants, Hicron is ready to face any challenge. During the implementation of all projects Hicron follows its own, proprietary Hicron Implementation Methodology.

The services delivered by Hicron include:

  • SAP consulting services for SAP ERP implementation and development, SAP BusinessObjects and SAP Business Intelligence for large and medium-sized companies
  • Implementation and development of dedicated industry solutions (i.e. SAP RE-FX, SAP PLM, SAP for Insurance, SAP for Automotive and SAP for Retail)
  • SAP technology services, including programming and designing SAP ERP enhancements
  • System maintenance, including application support, SAP maintenance and outsourcing services
  • Business consulting
  • Implementation of Hicron solutions, i.e. the Hicron Billing Solution or system integration - solutions are designed to meet unique client needs

Hicron’s goal is to meet client expectations and deliver solutions which guarantee the maximum benefits to the business. Therefore, regardless of whether Hicron consultants implement new solutions or develop existing tools, they do their best to achieve the planned outcomes. Their actions are driven by the idea that the IT solutions for clients have to be perfectly compatible with each other and with the concept underlying the business so that the expected return on investment can be achieved. Hicron clients are both large and medium-sized companies, e.g. Kompania Piwowarska, MAN, Volvo, Nestlé, Netia, Kronopol, Porsche, Swiss Post, Andritz, Górażdże Cement, Scandinavian Tobacco, Stelweld and Teleskop, to mention a few.

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