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Product Catalog

The management of product catalogs, including their creation, modification and delivery to customers, is nowadays a very important element of the product lifecycle management process.

In the present era of IT-supported information management, consumers of goods and services expect easy and quick access to information about the products they are interested in. This trend is of particular importance now, when the media used for this purpose include websites, price comparators or online multimedia catalogs published on the manufacturers’ and distributors’ websites. Numerous companies, especially those with a wide range of products and services, need dedicated tools to build a transparent structure of products for both external and internal use.

For some companies, the standard functionalities of the Product Catalog available in SAP ERP are not sufficient. Therefore, Hicron has developed a number of extensions enabling catalog management at a highly advanced level.

The Hicron solution offers the following extensions:

- Advanced graphic user interface, including, among other things, the drag and drop functionality allowing for quick and intuitive creation of the catalog structure
- The ability to build a product tree, adding text descriptions, pictures and attachments and compiling complex descriptions consisting of a set of characteristics matching a given product type
- The ability to design catalogs from scratch, on the basis of materials available in the system
- Automated creation of new catalogs by making use of bills of materials (BOM), product catalogs and other catalogs in the system
- Increasing the number of price lists integrated with the catalog (purchase prices, sales prices for business partners and end consumers)
- Advanced integration with SAP DMS, which ensures easy access to the technical documentation stored in SAP DMS or the multimedia materials associated with the products included in the catalog
- Integration with price lists available in the sales and distribution module which reduces the time needed to create a catalog and guarantees uniformity of data


Hicron’s product catalog management solution is an excellent response to the requirements of companies with a complex offering of products and services, the prices of which change due to changes in the components, as well as companies which use electronic media for the presentation of their offers and price lists.


The solution offered by Hicron enables the creation, implementation and management of advanced electronic catalogs. Currently, transparent, well-structured and up-to-date catalogs are a must in most industries. Such catalogs can help consumers and business partners gain a better understanding of the functionalities and characteristics of particular products and attract their attention to alternative and related products. An integrated, multi-level product catalog built using the Hicron solution provides the opportunity for a more effective presentation of the company’s offer, which can have an impact on sales.

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