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SAP BusinessObjects

SAP BusinessObjects First Step is the first step towards advanced company reporting tools.

Having recognized the analytical and reporting needs of companies, Hicron has developed a package called SAP BusinessObjects First Step encompassing:

  • Licenses for the SAP BusinessObjects Edge solution
  • An implementation service combined with training in report development
  • Designing example templates of SAP BusinessObjects reports

The SAP BusinessObjects First Step package is intended as an introduction to the use of advanced reporting tools.

Hicron’s offer is addressed to companies with extensive reporting and analytical needs which, however, are not yet ready to implement the entire SAP Business Intelligence environment. The step-by-step implementation of SAP Business Intelligence according to Hicron’s concept offers the possibility to gradually learn how to use SAP Business Intelligence tools and upgrade the tools together with the growing needs of the business and the expectations of the users.

SAP Business Objects First Step requires the solutions to be implemented within a series of steps:
Step 1: Installation of the complete set of SAP BusinessObjects Edge tools, including enquiries and analyses, reporting, interactive data visualization, efficiency management and information resources management.
Step 2: Installation of SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) as a database necessary to use SAP BusinessObjects solutions.
Step 3: Training in SAP BusinessObjects reporting (using Xcelsius, Web Intelligence and Crystal Reports tools).
Step 4: Development and delivery of SAP BusinessObjects reports as agreed with the customer.

Benefits of SAP BusinessObjects First Step

The installation of SAP Business Objects First Step in the four steps described above lays a solid foundation for the development of the reporting strategy based on SAP Business Intelligence solutions. The development schedule of SAP Business Intelligence proposed by Hicron allows clients to:

1. Verify the effectiveness and suitability of SAP BusinessObjects with small capital investments and gather arguments for the future development of SAP Business Intelligence tools in the company.
2. Precisely identify reporting needs and provide information which will help to minimize capital investments required to implement and develop SAP Business Intelligence.
3. Select the optimum IT solutions which will provide quick and reliable information necessary for making the most advantageous business decisions.
4.Acquire knowledge needed for reporting in the SAP BusinessObjects environment using the following tools:
- Xcelsius – a tool used in management cockpits, what-if analyses and interactive geographical analyses
- Web Intelligence – a tool for the presentation of analytical reports in tabular and graphic web format -
- Crystal Reports – a tool used in the creation of analytical and structured presentation reports

Below you can find a PDF document with more detailed information about SAP BusinessObjects products available as part of SAP BusinessObjects First Step offered by Hicron. To learn more about SAP BusinessObjects First Step and the benefits of implementing the SAP BusinessObjects solution, please contact us at .


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