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Application Support

In addition to implementing and developing systems, Hicron offers clients support, advice and help in solving problems with SAP solutions in all key areas of their business. Hicron support services also include support for other, non-SAP solutions, i.e. Java and .Net.

The main benefits of using application support are:

Fast and professional assistance
The main advantage of using application support services is the ability to get immediate assistance if a serious problem occurs. Hicron consultants deliver support services in accordance with the timeframe specified by the client. Hicron also has a very flexible approach in terms of service hours.

Cost reduction
Another important benefit of the application support provided by Hicron is the reduction of expenditures on the maintenance of the SAP system. System maintenance costs can be planned in advance, as the services are provided under a long-term agreement of a strictly defined scope, in return for a fixed fee.

Cost control
System operation costs can be defined in advance – the service is provided according to a permanent agreement, with a strictly defined scope and against a regular fee.

Flexible attitude
Companies that only occasionally need the help of external services can pay for tasks as and when they are required. In addition, Hicron offers a flexible approach to the terms of the Service Level Agreement proposed by the client.

Services tailored to the client
Hicron adjusts the scope of application support services to individual needs and client requirements. The high competence of Hicron consultants means that they are able to undertake any challenge.

Hicron clients include large multinational companies operating abroad, as well as Polish companies.


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